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Terms for returning products

All prices on on our site are exclusive of VAT which will be added by Paypal upon check out in line with the purchasing countries VAT/TAX rates.

Returns Policy

If you change your mind regarding the purchase of one of our products, you can notify us via email within 30 days of purchase. Once the product with all accesories and with its original packaging arrives we will issue a refund excluding shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee.

*Returns should be sent back via recorded delivery. Credit/Debit Cards will be refunded when the product has been received. Refunds can take up to 3 working days to process.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

NaturAir Negative Ion Generators produce only negative ions. If you detect ozone or positive ions, you can request a full refund.

Refund will be given as long as customers have adhered to all instructions regarding placement of the ionizer which include the following:

-Ionizer back, side and top should be clear of any physical object to distance of 10 Inches (25 cm).
-Ionizer front should be facing open air, with no restrictions to ion flow.
-Ionizer should not be within 1 meter (3 feet) from any metallic object.

*If all instructions regarding placement has been adhered to and the product still produces either Ozone of Positive Ions then a full refund will be given. We have never had anyone use this since the birth of NaturAir in 2016.

Faulty Goods Returns

Any goods received that are not in working order may be returned for replacement or refund within 30 days of purchase. It is preferred that you contact customer services via to specify any problems as Ionizer location can have an effect on its performance.

Products will be replaced or refunded if:

-The product is found to be faulty.
-The products has not been tampered with in any way.
-The complete product has been returned, including packaging and any accessories.
-The product has been used in accordance with usage instructions.

*If no fault is found, the product will be returned to our customers, with the cost of postage falling to them.

*We will refund return shipping costs of products that have been found to be faulty along with either replacement or refund. The refund for return shipping is limited to $30.

*Refunds if requested on damaged products will be a full refund, shipping and restocking will NOT be deducted.


All products come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. If the product stops functioning due to a mechanical reason, and this falls after the 30 day period, but within 12 months of purchase, it can be returned for replacement if:

Products will be replaced if:

-The product is found to be faulty.
-The product hasn't been tampered with in any way.
-The complete product has been returned, including packaging and any accessories.
-The product has been used in accordance with usage instructions.

Products will not be replaced if:

-Clear evidence of physical impact damage is found ie. having been dropped.
-Clear evidence of attempting to make a fraudulent claim is discovered, such customers will also be reported to any relevant agencies.

*If no fault is found, the product will be returned to our customers, with the cost of postage falling to the customer.

**If you do drop or damage the product by accident please let us know this is what happened and we will help as best be can. We can help by offering a replacement at a largely reduced cost in such instances. Damaged products must be returned prior to discount codes for the replacement being provided.

Our warranty acceptance rate is over 99%, yet our warranty claim rate (total items bought vs warranty claims) is less than 1%. If our customers have any issues with our products due to a manufacturers fault they get replacements sent out without us trying to drag the process out. We have return shipping addresses in the USA and UK and refund return shipping costs on items that are found to be faulty.

Points of note

We have return addresses in the UK, US and China to which returns can be sent. NaturAir will refund the cost of return on damaged products up to a maximum of $30. The US, Canada, UK, South East Asian countries and Australia can all easily, if need be, return products under the given $30 and will not be out of pocket should a return need to be done. Africa, the middle east and many European countries all can end up with additional costs if returns are required.

The date of purchase is the date from which all above mentioned time periods are counted. This means the 30 day money back gaurentee and 1 year warranty are counted from the date of purchase.

The warranty is from the date of initial purchase, meaning.... if a product were replaced after 11 months then the 1 year warranty does not pass onto the new product. The 1 year warranty lasts for 12 months from the initial date of purchase.