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If you have any queries or concerns about NaturAir Negative Ion generators this is the place to find the most convenient method of getting in contact with us.

We have embraced technology and find speaking with customers via Watsapp, Wechat and Skype to allow a flexibility well above that of a land line. Once connected to WI-FI calls from anywhere in the world is free on both Watsapp and Wechat as well as allowing the sending of both photo and video.

Alternatively emails received come directly to our mobiles are normally responded to within a few hours.

We can be reached on either of the channels listed below 13:00-21:00 Beijing Central Time Mon-Sat.

Watsapp: +8618616201459
Wechat: +8618616201459
Skype: NaturAir
Business Mobile: +8618616201459