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Improve your health and well-being in 2021

Let's take a look at how a NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer can improve indoor air quality, improve energy levels and aid health in a very real way.

We were recently asked by one of our distributors how to respond to customers asking about the effects of ionizers on the corona-virus and if it's beneficial. Below I will post my response word for word.

"From various sources we can be confident in stating this.
A powerful ionizer can reduce airborne transmission of viruses by over 90%. They do not kill off viruses, nor do they help you if someone directly coughs or sneezes on you. People are still required to wash their hands often, avoid touching their faces with unwashed hands and always wash hands before eating.
So it’s like this, the ionizer will keep the air clear of the virus and reduce airborne virus matter significantly. But, surface areas should still be sanitised often, masks should still be worn, hands should still be washed often.

An ionizer is by far one of the most beneficial products anyone can have in this time, however, still requires some common sense. Everything said is backed up by studies for people who do search for it.

They also boost the immune system but people shouldn't think they can’t get sick with an ionizer present, just the likelihood of getting sick reduces significantly as long as basic hygiene is also adhered to."

Struggling with regular headaches, allergies, sickness and just an overall feeling of having no energy or vitality is the norm for many people these days. Struggling to sleep and then having to resort to energy drinks and coffee to help us get by. Society blames stress, technology and the pace of our modern lives. Well, they are half right.

A big aspect of all these issues stems from a lack of negative ions in our homes and lives in general. No one talks about them, no one mentions them. Very few people even know they exist and even less know what they do, yet they are crucial to us being healthy. Without them, our bodies have very little fighting chance of staying healthy in the long run. So, what are these negative ions that we are talking about...

Negative Ions occur naturally in nature and can be found in all places that give us vitality and energy. Places that improve our mood, reduce our stress levels, make us feel healthier, stronger, younger and full of energy just by being there.

Found abundantly near flowing water sources, in forests, next to the ocean, near waterfalls, in caves and high in the mountains. These places are natural negative ion generators and this is why we feel so good when we are in or around them. Negative Ions help our cells function more efficiently, produce energy more effectively and get rid of waste products more readily.

In our modern lives, with the lack of flowing water sources, lack of trees and ever increasing levels of pollution we find that we also have a serious lack of negative ions. Modern living, with all our electrical appliances, air conditioning and pollution not only strip the air of essential negative ions, but also produce positive ions that are not good for our health and cause cells to deteriorate at an increased rate.

Luckily for us, there is no such thing as natural negative ions and man made negative ions. Ions are the exact same thing whether produced by trees and flowing water, or by a powerful Negative Ion Generator. In fact, a quality Negative Ion Generator will produce considerably more negative ions than trees can. Buying a quality Ion Generator is essentially bringing the goodness of a forest into your home. Finding the right Ionizer however, is key.

This is exactly what makes a NaturAir Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer different from most products on the market today. They produce only negative ions, no ozone. no positive ions and come with a 1 year warranty. The produced negative ions all end up in the air where they can provide real benefits to us, instead of being trapped inside the unit as many air cleaning units claiming to emit negative ions are.

A NaturAir Twin Air Negative Ion Generator produces over 100 million ions/cc and our Twin Air Pro over 200 Million ions/cc. This measurement isn't just at the emission head, but 12 inches(30 cm) away from the emission point. This high density of ions then spread into a room or office and clean the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and other hazardous particles. This in turn allows a high number of ions to be absorbed by the body, slowly providing the health benefits associated with ions.  


Let's expand on the above in a bit more detail.

Now that we covered an overall explanation of what negative ions are, where they are found, what a Negative Ion Generator does and what these increased levels of negative ions mean to us, we will be looking at various areas in a bit more detail. We will also after most sections have a personal input area written in BLUE where I cover my own experience with each topic. In our Shanghai home we personally have 3 of our Twin Air Pro Ionizers running full time. We actively promote having an increased amount of negative ions in the home to friends and family, not because we manufacture and sell Negative Ion Generators, but because we know first hand the difference a high amount of negative ions make to our lives. 

We will look at the following topics:

  1. What negative ions are and why they are so important.
  2. How a Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer works.
  3. Positive Ions and Ozone - Why to avoid them like a plague.
  4. Pollution.
  5. Health.
  6. Effects on concentration and focus.
  7. Exercise.
  8. Meditation.
  9. How to choose the right product.
  10. NaturAir Ionizers and what makes them different.

    1. Negative Ions


    We have already mentioned that negative ions occur naturally in nature, found in areas rich with life and water. It is not surprising that we require them to be healthy, full of energy and disease free.

    A negative ion is very simply an Oxygen particle that has acquired an extra electron. This gives the oxygen molecule a negative charge and that negative charge is what makes all the difference. Studies are showing, over and over, that negative ions improve the function of our bodies. A number that consistently comes up is 20%. We absorb on average about 20% more oxygen if the oxygen is negative charged. This even though not a huge number, makes a big difference to our overall metabolic processes, our ability to heal and fight off diseases, our concentration levels and mood to name but a few. You can learn more about negative ions here


    2. Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer - How do they work?


    The "Corona Discharge method" is the the best and safest method to generate negative ions. This method relies on a negative DC electrical charge to be pushed into the point of a wire or needle. Electricity is caused by electrons moving and that movement, paired with the natural state of two negatives repelling each other, causes electrons to jump onto the closest thing they can find at the end of that wire. Normally an oxygen or Nitrogen molecule. The nitrogen negative ions play a very important part in air quality which we will discus later.

    Put simply - A tiny current of electrons flow down a needle to its point. The nearer the electrons come to the needlepoint, the closer they are forced together. Since electrons naturally repel each other, when they reached the very tip of the needle they are forced off into the nearest air molecule and become a negative ion. Negative ions repel each other as well, so as more and more are produced they are emitted further and further out into the room they are in. The more powerful the ionizer, the more beneficial ions they can produce and the larger their range.

    NaturAir products are high density corona discharge Negative Ion Generators that produce ions in the most effective and safe way possible. The best ionizers are those which use the corona discharge method. If well designed will produce only negative ions. This means no positive ions, no ozone and no need to worry.

    What often isn't mentioned is just how quickly negative ions are used up. They remove nearly everything out of the air that shouldn't be there, which means all pollutants, whether they be dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and other hazardous particles will actively be removed. A negative ion generator needs to continuously generating trillions of negative ions per second to really be able to fill a room, clean the air effectively whilst having a high enough ion concentration left to actively affect our health in a positive way. We will look at key features to look out for in a powerful Ionizer / Negative Ion Generator later on.


    3. Positive Ions and Ozone - Avoid avoid avoid.


    Our Health page talks about in detail some of the health benefits that stem from being in and around high levels of negative ions, and if you were to reverse all those benefits and make them negative reactions, that is what you would get from breathing very high levels of positive ions.

    Now, with wi-fi, mobile phones, computers, big screen TV's, remote controls, smart meters, and all the rest, positive ions are on the rise. Positive ions affects us in the long run by damaging / impairing the function of the Endocrine system and we can see this clearly in the figures posted on national health related to thyroid issues and immune deficiencies.

    A positive ion is a molecule that has lost an electron and now holds a positive charge, all while actively looking to take a charge(electron) so that it can become neutral or balanced again. They wreak havoc on our bodies and will cause all sorts of problems. The problem is that a positive ion cannot be smelt and we won't know about them until the symptoms start to show.

    Ozone is an oxygen molecule that consists of 3 Oxygen atoms instead of 2. Ozone is exceptionally important high in the atmosphere where it protects us from the suns harmful UV rays, but extremely bad for our lungs and eyes here closer to ground level. No Negative Ion Generator that claims to aid health, should be producing Ozone in levels that can be smelt. Luckily for us, ozone has a very distinct smell and it's not hard to notice if the Ionizer you own is producing it. AVOID OZONE LIKE A PLAGUE.


    4. Pollution


    We cover the effects of pollution quite thoroughly on our Pollution page, therefore here I want to talk more about pollution and negative ions and how they affect each other.

    Pollution most often is listed as a figure. The PM2.5 levels of a city refer to the particles of pollution smaller than 2.5 microns. A human hair is roughly 70 microns thick.

    Anyone living in a big city, close to motorways or in areas where a lot of industrial activity is happening can attest to the affects of pollution on our health and quality of life. We may not always be able to affect what happens outside our homes, but we can definitely affect the indoor air quality that we expose ourselves and our family to.

    Negative ions will attach to all the particles in the air, no matter how small they are, and drag them to the ground. There is no requirement for filters and there is no getting away from negative ions if you are a dirty bit of pollution floating around in the air.

    A powerful negative ion generator will in no time lower the PM2.5 levels in your home to below 30. Please see our Pollution page where I reference the different numbers and the effects on health they have. Anything below 100 is considered healthy but really we want figures to be below 50. The closer to zero we can get them, the better.

    We live in shanghai and in winter times the air quality is terrible, often being above 150 ug/m3. Breathing this level of polluted air will cause many respiratory related issues and even though we can't do anything about the quality of air outside, we can affect the quality of our indoor air. We have 3 NaturAir Twin Air Pro Units running full time at home and the air quality is amazing. Walking into our home after having been outside is like walking into your own personal forest with perfect air. We often have visitors comment on the quality of our homes air.

    We here at NaturAir try to test claims made about negative ions as often as we can ourselves. Especially when claims are made that only HEPA filters can truly remove harmful particles small enough to fall within the PM2.5 measurements. We set out to test whether Negative Ions can in fact lower PM2.5 levels as well as any Air Cleaner using HEPA filters. The results were staggering and the full blog entry can be read here:

    For those who just want the results, I have copied and pasted the Blog entry conclusion section below. A burning Cigarette was used to introduce the PM2.5 levels required for testing.


    Reading after 10 minutes  

    Reading after 30 mins  

    Reading after 1 hour  

     Test 1 - No Negative Ions

     999 ug/m3

     316.8 ug/m3

    171 ug/m3 

     Test 2 - Negative ions after 10 mins

     999 ug/m3

     372.2 ug/m3

    105.9 ug/m3 

     Test 3 - Negative ions 30 mins before

     595.6 ug/m3

    51.5 ug/m3

    43.4 ug.m3 



    The results clearly show that an area full of negative ions prevent PM2.5 levels from building up, and in turn has the levels of harmful particles in the air drop a lot quicker than without the negative ions present.

    Test 1 we see after 15-20 mins there is a drastic drop in the PM2.5 levels. We are not sure exactly what caused this (gust of wind could be the culprit), and will rerun this part of the experiment at one point to see what the actual natural drop off is. The main figure to look at is the measurement after an hour and compare that to the measurement of Test 3 when Negative ions were present prior to the experiment starting and having had time to build up.

    Test 2 we can see that by the 30 min mark the negative ions had not had enough time to really bind to, and drag down the particles in the air. The ionizer was switched on after PM2.5 levels were already high and needed time to be able to build up and go to work. The reading after 60 mins and if we look at the continuous reading shows a steady decline path.

    ' By causing allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust, and animal dander floating in the air (which have either a neutral or a positive charge) to be attracted to and stick to each other, forming 'clumps' (because opposite charges attract). These clumps of particles then become heavy enough so that gravity can pull them down to the floor, where they can be vacuumed up, rather than staying in suspension'

    Negative ions need time to build up, and in bad quality air, take a little longer to build up to the required levels to remove particles floating about in the air.

    Test 3 show clearly that once the ions have had time to build up, the difference they make to air quality is quite noticeable. The concentration of negative ions in the air was already very high, allowing them to quickly bind to and drag down particles floating around in the air.

    These results would indicate the any articles claiming that only HEPA filters can remove/lower PM2.5 levels are wrong. Negative ions do an amazing job of removing PM2.5 levels quickly and lowering them to a level considered safe.

    Negative ions aid our health in numerous ways documented many times over. They are in our opinion as effective at removing PM2.5 as HEPA filters and have the additional benefit of aiding our health more than just the clean air a product reliant on filters can do.


    5. Health


    Health is the most important thing in life. Often people will forget about this fact when chasing after a promotion, or enjoying the pleasures that life has to offer. That day when health starts to fade, or is completely gone is the day that will be too late for most with things going downhill from there. I don't want to go on about the documented health benefits of negative ions here, but instead want to talk in general. Please see our Health page where we cover a few benefits from exposure to negative ions.

    The truth is it's never too late to start living more healthily and adding things to your home and personal environment that can improve health and in turn quality of life. Quality of life is a big concern lately with improved medical care, we life longer, and it would be nice to live longer in a healthy state, being able to enjoy life, rather than living longer but being in pain or unable to live life the way you want to live it.

    Increased levels of negative ions although not a miracle cure, will aid the body to function better. If you are already healthy the increased levels of energy and mood will be immediately noticeable. Studies show time and time again that negative ions improve our health in ways that are definitely noteworthy, and successive studies showing the same things over and over can't be wrong.

    Japanese researchers have found that exposing health mice to high levels of negative ions increases their lifespan by 20%. If by some miracle the same went for people, 20% extra could mean 16 extra years (if you were to live to 80) to watch your grandchildren grow up. Those extra years won't be lived in a low quality of life as the negative ions will help your body to stay healthier for longer.

    The above statement is a what if, but I firmly believe having a powerful Ionizer at home will not only improve quality of life, but also extend life by a few years (20% would be wonderful). I study Chinese Medicine and it is well known that if you take care of the little problems, they can never become big problems. Negative ions in our home has improved health in so many ways that it is hard to imagine how we ever lived without Ionizers. We often have emails back from customers talking about the effects and changes on their loved ones. People don't normally notice changes in themselves, and often overlook the small, but substantial improvements to life and health that come with having increased levels of negative ions at home.


    6. Concentration and focus


    As mentioned before, negatively charged oxygen molecules are absorbed 20% more efficiently than air that isn't ionized.This increase in oxygen to both the brain and organs play a vital role on our ability to focus. Memory is improved as well as cognitive function. This study has been done over and over and the results are always positive. People function better when in a highly negatively ionized area. The more difficult the task, the more improvement can be seen. Less sick days are taken and less headache reported in work areas with many computers.

    This can improve our lives in many ways. Those who work will find they can work with less mistakes, require less breaks and overall have a more productive time while in an area with negative ions. The same can be said for students and our children. If we can get more out of our time studying, then why would we not give ourselves that 20% increase in ability. It is a very easy yet effective way to improve our grades and work performance.

    Sitting behind a computer is something that very quickly tires me out. After an hour I often have headaches and become restless (this is due to those pesky Positive Ions I mentioned earlier). Since adding a NaturAir Negative ion generator to the area in which I work behind a computer I have had a noticeable effect on my work output. I am able to sit for hours on end without fatigue kicking in, without developing a headache and find that I can focus for much much longer than I could before. The hours it took me to write this page went by without me having to get up or take a break. Negative ions make a difference that is hard to understand until you have experienced it.


    7. Exercise


    The forefather of many studies and public knowledge of negative ions are from Guy Cramer. He documented and researched negative ions on a level that is still unparalleled. He among other things documented the difference between physical exercise in an environment rich with negative ions compared to one without. The findings were conclusively showing that gains from exercise were significantly larger by the athletes exposed to high levels of negative ions. Many increases again ranged around the 20% mark, all except endurance.

    Endurance went up by over 200% compared to those training in an area not filled with high levels of negative ions. Studies done on ice hockey players showed improved performance consistently when levels of negative ions were higher, and lower performance on days when negative ions counts were lower. It should be noted that recovery from injury also increased with counts of injury being lower in the athletes exposed to high levels of negative ions.

    I spent 5 years in a profession where physical fitness was a requirement. I know how quickly endurance improves and how quickly fitness is lost when not exercising. What really opened my eyes to the effects of high levels of negative ions to training was the speed at which I could increase my training time and intensity. I found that I was increasing in fitness a lot faster than I did when I was much younger, and I retained the fitness for much longer. The aches and pains from an intense session was much less with lactic acid build up to either non existent, or very little. I was training in an area with over 100 000 Negative ions/cc and nowadays prefer training at home where I can control the environment I am training in. There is always a NaturAir Ionizer close to the immediate area I am training in.


    8. Meditation


    Since there are no studies on meditation and the effects of negative ions it is down to my own experience to cover this topic. Meditation is something that I have always had an interest in. I felt drawn to it, I moved country in search of it and it is due to meditation that I discovered the effects of negative ions. More is written on our Meditation page.

    Trying to understand why some areas were considered good for meditation and others bad, led me down the path that I am on now. A key figure that kept popping up in areas said to be good for meditation was the Negative Ion count. Near waterfalls, in caves and especially caves behind waterfalls are well known to be places Yogis and Taoist masters would seek out for their meditation.

     Location  Ions/cm3 (Approx)
      Waterfall   5,000-100,000
      Cave   5,000-20,000
      Forest   1,000-5,000
      Countryside   700-1,500
      City Streets   0-300
      Home   0-100


    As we can see from the table, those areas have a Negative ion count, much higher than any city could ever possibly wish to have. Those adepts, those who are the healthiest of us all, seek out areas high in negative ions to further enhance their bodies. This is worth noting and looking further into.

    I am lucky enough to be part of a true lineage in china. To be taught directly by realised people the ancient art of neigong (chigong or qigong) is a privilege above all else. I had my teacher, who is extremely accomplished in meditation, try meditating in an area with one NaturAir Negative Ion Generator was present and he was impressed. He stated that the increased levels of ions helped to stabilize qi, and in turn allow it to settle much quicker. Negative ions do much more than just this, but having a master give his approval on the affects of an Ionizer on meditation is wonderful. (An Ionizer producing any amounts of ozone or positive ions would be detrimental to meditation and not aid it)

    A group of practitioners practising (Vipassana meditation) in a hall found that having increased levels of negative ions helped them to focus more clearly and stay within a focussed state of mind for much longer than if a NaturAir Ionizer were not present.


    9. How to choose the right product.


    There are as with all products in life, good ones and bad ones. It is the knowledge to be able to distinguish a good product from a bad one that will either have you have a positive experience and see the wonderful health benefits that come from having increased negative ions, compared to experiencing the terrible effects having an Ionizer that produces ozone or positive ions too.

    Often people will tell me the terrible experiences they had with negative ions, and upon further investigation we always have the truth come out. The bad effects were because those "Negative Ion Generators" were in fact not only producing negative ions. I cannot stress enough how positive ions and ozone should be avoided.


    Key points to note are:


    1. How many negative ions are produced

    Negative ion count drastically drops the further away you move from the Generator. If you are given a figure of 3, 6 or 20 million without it being stated where the reading was taken, then you are most likely buying something that doesn't produce enough negative ions to really make a difference.

    Being told where the figures have been taken is key. A NaturAir Ionizer produces trillions of negative ions right at the emission point, but by the time you are 30cm (12inches) away from the unit it has already dropped to just over 100 million (Standard Unit).

    As a general guide these figures will help you choose a powerful negative ion generator.

    At 10cm (4inches) - 100 Million or more
    At 30cm (12inches) -20 Million or more
    At 50cm (20inches) - 1 Million or more
    At 1m (3 feet) - 100 Thousand or more

    2. What is the ozone output

    We do not want much ozone being produced by an Ionizer. All ionizers will, as a by-product, produce a small amount of ozone, but if it can be smelt in a room where an ionizer is running, you are asking for trouble. A residual ozone count of less than 0.015 ppm is what you would be looking for in a Quality Negative Ion Generator.

    NaturAir ionizers produce so little ozone that it can never be smelt of even detected by a professional ozone meter held 10 inches from it.

    3. Are positive ions also being produced

    The same as ozone, we don't want positive ions being produced. NaturAir Ionizers produce 0 positive ions.

    4. Do they offer a warranty or a money back guarantee.

    Often you will find with products that don't deliver what they promise, a warranty or money back guarantee is missing. Make sure the product comes with both.


    10. NaturAir Negative Ion Generators / Ionizers


    Now let's take a look at our two products and what they offer.

    Both our products are ideal for large rooms and will improve indoor air quality in very obvious ways. They can easily and effectively clean the air in rooms at home or offices and will significantly lower PM2.5 levels. The Twin Air unit is ideal for smaller rooms or rooms where electronics are a concern with  the Twin Air Pro unit being ideal for bigger rooms or spaces. Both products run silently and for the most part you won't even know they are there.

    We only have two products because we believe in the efficacy of negative ions to both aid health and clean the air. We want to spread the word and have more and more people obtain the benefits of having high levels of negative ions at home. Our two NaturAir Ionizers (Standard and Strong) are all that is required to improve air quality at home. They do so without noise, without filters and without worry.


    NaturAir Twin Air


    Even though this is our standard Ionizer, it is incredibly strong compared to pretty much every other ionizer on the market. Measurements of over 100 million are taken at 12 Inches, with the ion count directly next to the emission point being in the trillions. The Ionizer runs silently and emits a very strong ion breeze. All this while using less than 8 watt of electricity, something you won't even notice on your electricity bill.

    As mentioned above this unit is ideal for smaller rooms or rooms where there might be a concern regarding other electronic devices. Although the weaker of the two, it is still incredibly strong and should not be placed within 1 meter of electronic devices. They are not very big devices and the comment most often received is how small they actually are. It can be found here


    Product Specifications


    Twin Air


    182 x 79 x 312mm

    Input voltage


    Input current




    Output voltage



    15K±0.5 Hz

    Density of anion


    Remainder O3



    NaturAir Twin Air Pro


    Our pro Ionizer is everything the Twin Air model is, just twice as strong. The ion output is doubled, yet the ozone output remains extremely low and undetectable at 10 inches. The ionizer runs silently and at less than 12 Watt still won't add to your electricity bill.

    The unit is incredibly strong, and sensitive people, or those who have been devoid of negative ions for a period of time can find that the pro unit can cause light-headedness in the first few days of running it. This is caused by the increased oxygen intake and is nothing to be concerned about, however it is always good to know about. It is equivalent to having a good detox and before you know it, your body will function at a higher capacity than before. It can be found here


    Product Specifications


    Twin Air Pro


    182 x 79 x 312mm

    Input voltage


    Input current




    Output voltage



    15K±0.5 Hz

    Density of anion


    Remainder O3


    NaturAir Twin Air Titan


    More powerful than the Twin Air Pro, used for large open spaces such as yoga studios, meditation halls, exercise rooms etc.

    Definitely not for first time buyers or those who have not had strong ionizers in the past. Requires 20 inches of space in all directions around it and should be nowhere near electronic devices.

    Product Specifications


    Twin Air Titan


    182 x 79 x 312mm

    Input voltage


    Input current




    Output voltage



    15K±0.5 Hz

    Density of anion

     Over 300 Million at 12 inches.

    Remainder O3



    What Can you expect from a NaturAir Negative Ionizer / Negative Ion Generator.


    - Trillions if negative Ions being produced every second.
    - No Positive Ions or Ozone produced that can harm your health.
    - An Ionizer that runs silently, yet produces the amount of Ions required to positively affect health.
    - An Ionizer strong enough to fill large rooms in the home improving air quality and health.
    - A Product designed to last you years without worry or need to replace parts.
    - An Ionizer with a warranty should things go wrong.
    - A product from a company who cares about their product and customers.


    We intend to try and make more and more people aware of negative ions and will be putting out new and fresh material on various social platforms. Please have a look and like or follow our pages to receive the latest information, updates and offers from us.

    After many requests for an even stronger ionizer we have finally finished the Twin Air Titan and have been conducting safety and reliability tests for the last 12 months. Extremely strong and besigned for large open rooms, yoga studios, exercise areas etc.  

    NaturAir Negative ion Generators / ionizers are some of the best, if not the best, negative ion generators on the market today. No other Ionizer comes close to producing the amount of negative ions that our units produce, without also producing a fair amount of ozone too. Not to mention the products on the market also producing positive ions.

    Our products are not manufactured with cheap parts to increase profits either. We manufacture all our Ionizers to last at least 50 000 running hours and offer a 1 year warranty because we build them to last. We are not worried about them breaking down. We are family run company, who definitely believe in happy customers over big bank accounts. We believe that honesty will get us much further than anything else.

    You can purchase a NaturAir Ionizer with the peace of mind that it will do exactly what we advertise it to do. You will also find that if for some unfortunate reason that you have to call on the warranty, that we won't have thousands of excuses to get out of replacing your faulty or damaged product.

    Our 2020 version of both the Twin Air and Twin Air Pro is available now. All new orders will automatically receive the latest version and can expect only the highest quality. All our Ion Generators are quality tested prior to being packaged.

    We have tried to write this page in a way that makes it easy to read, staying away from quoting too many studies that make reading and understanding exactly what is being said difficult. I hope that it helps those who know very little to learn more, and helps you to choose a product that will bring you the benefits that you deserve.